Pipe Flanges Rating in Different Norms

There were a lot of flanges standards in the world, DIN, EN1092-1, BS4504, ANSI, AWWA, UNI, JIS, SANS, GOST, NFE, ISO, AS, NS etc, even every country have their owned norms for pipe flanges, but in fact, the flanges norms can be separated to American norms and European Norms, the American norms have ANSI, API, AWWA, MSS etc norms for flanges, their rating use “LBS”, for example 75lbs, 150lbs, 300lbs, 600lbs, 900lbs, 1500lbs, 2500lbs etc, but for European norms, like DIN, EN1092-1, BS4504, UNI etc, the rating USE “PN”, for example PN6, PN10, PN16, PN25, PN40, PN63, PN64, PN100 etc, also for the Russian flanges of GOST 12820 and GOST 12821, they are similar to European norms, but use PNxx mPa, for example, PN0.6MPA, PN1.0MPA, PN1.6MPA, PN2.5MPA, PN4.0MPA. In africa, the main flanges standard is SANS1123 or SABS1123, it is South African norm, its rating is for 600kpa, 1000kpa, 1600kpa, 2500kpa, 4000kpa etc, also similar to European Norms, In China, before time, Chinese flanges are similar to CCCP, but recently years, Chinese flanges norms revised to European system, also use PN6-PN100 rating. The flanges ratings are very important for flanges application, correct flanges rating will keep the application safe.

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