About Flanges Rating PN64 and PN63

Any one who noted the flanges rating difference between PN64 and PN63? As we known, for the flange norms of DIN, BS4504 and UNI, flanges rating is PN64 for the nominal pressure, but from EN1092-1 norm, the nominal pressure revised to PN63. EN1092-1 norm was published later than DIN, UNI and BS4504, so I think maybe in future, PN63 will be popular nominal pressure to instead of PN64, this is the difference, but nowadays, we both use PN63 and PN64 rating for flanges, and PN63 flange, PN64 flange, maybe have not so much difference, this is my discovery, for any mistakes, can leave comments to m, thanks a lot.

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