Environmental Protection Policy Resulted to Production Slow Down

Hello All Clients, Friends, Buyers, 

As you know Chinese environmental protection policy are imposing increasingly and strictly, our flange industry was suffered great impact, our factory was received inspection every week almost, and in each inspection the production must be stopped (at least 2 day stopped per week), under this series circumstances, the order delivery time will be longer than before time, per container will take 25 days or more to complete at least, hope you can understand this serious situation and support us continue. This year the environmental policy was caused us very very difficult, but whatever we must support it, you know Chinese air water pollute was very serious, now we are updating our technology to reach the new policy. We also will do our best to make delivery as soon as possible.


Hyupshin Flanges Team.


Orders of forged flange made delivery on June 18, 2017.

Flange Order Shipment on June 18, 2017.