Chinese Spring Festival is coming

We are in Holidays from January 28 to February 17 for Chinese spring festival, our factory will be closed and stop to provide flanges and pipe fittings to markets during the period of holidays. Together we will stop to make quotation to customers, we are so sorry for the inconvenient.

The 2011 the year of rabbit in China, in the happy days we wish all visitors and customers have good lucks in 2011, everything is going well and have good health for all year.

look out on a summer’s day

Stand near the window of office building, in a day of summer, time is nearly to the dusk, what a large cornland it is in front of my eyes, green, clouds, blue sky, mountain, all the scene around our factory, I am intoxication in the beautiful views…it’s a summer nightfall.

Steel sawing machines

Steel sawing machines used for steel cutting, the samller cutting steel using to flanges forging works.

Flange rough, Flange blank, forged rough, forged blank

All of our flanges are made by forging, never casting or casting-forging, only forging. Though casting or casting-forging flanges price is cheaper than only forged flanges, but the quality in using of pipe connecting is terrible, casting flanges only fit for non-pressure pipe connection, can not use for pruessure pipe connecting, when users buy flanges you must check carefully it is forged or not. It is important for the safely of project.